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HANDLETUR: Sunday shopping in Sweden

Tomorrow we go shopping. Want to join us?” Asked me a couple of friends, living in Oslo for some months. Strange plan for a Sunday, when only the florists and the small chain shops like Narvesen and Seven Eleven are open. “Where are you going to?” “Sweden!”

It is not the first time I hear people talking about this heaven just around the corner, with lower prices and open shops on Sunday. Let’s try!

We meet at 8.30 at Bussterminalen, the bus station where you can find all the buses coming and going from Oslo. It is still dark and few people walk around me: almost everyone is still out from Saturday night, trying to remember the way back home.

Our bus says: “ SVINESUND, HANDLETUR I SVERIGE, HVERDAG”. It is a daily tour to Svinesund shopping center. The driver show us where can we put our luggage, almost everyone has a big trolley. I have only brought a sack: too small. We are talking about monthly supplies here!

Going through the almost full bus, searching for a free seat, I can resume the evolution of asylum seekers policy in Norway in the last 20 years: somalian, iraqi, afghani, pakistani,vietnamese. Few men, many women with children, growing up in a balance between two cultures.

Norwegians drive to Sweden, so they gas up cars. Polish too use the car because they are polish and I think they have some kind of repulsion to any other mean of transport.

It takes two hours to reach the shopping centre, away from the border just enough to keep all the wheels of the bus in Sweden.
The first stop is at a small market, probably owned by the cousin of the driver. Here you can find almost every Asian and African product.

Then it’s time to assault Europris, a very big supermarket. My rucksack is definitly not big enough to contain the enthusiasm that pervades me while I walk through the shelves. Everything seems cheaper but, as a good journalist or housewife would do, I write down the prices and take pictures.

Back to Norway I compare the prices with KIWI MINIPRIS, the nearest supermarket in my neighbourhood .

Change Euro-swedish krona 1:9,42

Change Euro-norwegian krone 1:8,86

Meat, alcohol and cigarettes: these are the products with bigger price difference, way cheaper in Sweden. Cheese, tea (I did not check coffee, because I don’t drink it!) and toothpaste are nice surprises too.

Fruit and vegetables are cheaper, but the price difference is not so big if you buy them in some small shops in Gronland.

Bread, milk and soap have almost same prices.




Beer Carlsberg

54,90 x 6 cans

30 x 1 cans

Beer Tuborg

129 x 24 cans

28 x 1 cans


47 x 6 cans

33 x 1 cans

Coca Cola- Fanta- Sprite

99 x 24 cans

16,90 x 1 cans

Camel Light

350 x 10 packets

100 x 1 packet

1 kg beaf indrefillet



Chicken wings

98 (2 kg)

115 (1,5 kg)

Cheese Gulost 500 gr.



Tea twinings yellow label

25 (100 teabags)

22 (25 teabags)

Tea Twinings vanilla



Toothpaste Colgate

Max White



Colgate sensitive



Olive oil 500 ml(Spagna)



Cabbage kg



Spinach kg


19 !!!

Tomatoes 250 gr



Apples kg



Strawberries125 gr.



Jam 125 gr.



Chocolate cake freezer




8,7 (german)

18,2 (italian)

Whole fusilli pasta


10 !!!

It is also really interesting to see how the Swedish talent, well expressed in the world known home forniture, can produce food monstruosity.

Candy sugar jar (in three delightful colors), chocolate filled strolls (it was so stressful to put chocolate powder in milk) and soup tube.

On the way back the bus is filled up with food in every possible centrimetre. I find space for only one question:

– Will swedish have still something to eat this week?


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